Is the iPod turning into another traffic hazard?

Do you ever listen to your iPod through your headphones while driving? Perhaps while being stuck in traffic on the commute to work in the morning, or when taking a roadtrip? If so you might be a road hazard according to research from Monash University Accident Research Center in Australia (source: Sydney Morning Herald).

We are sure this is not a problem that is found only in Australia, but just as relevant for the UK and most other places around the world as well. According to a spokesperson from the university, driving while listening to music through your headphones puts both yourself and your fellow drivers in danger as it blocks out important sounds that you should be listening for while driving.

iPod could be driving hazardHowever, they also said that while there were plenty of anecdotal evidence to the effect of the driving while listening to music through your iPod earphones or any other portable music player, there was no conclusive proof that could support it, making it virtually impossible to legislate.

We can all surely understand that by blocking out surrounding sound and replacing it with music, as nice as it might be, stops you from hearing important sounds around you, such as police or ambulance, or other cars trying to get your attention. According to the article, a study from 2006 found that driving while wearing earphones could indeed be more hazardous than driving while talking on your mobile, which in most countries is now a traffic offence.

Should you have all your music on your iPod and like to listen to it while driving, we suggest that you look into some of these in-car iPod accessories:

Car stereo manufacturer Blaupunkt has created a new generation car stereo that is only compatible with new sources of portable music, like the iPod, and does not even have a cd player.

After all it is important to stay safe in the traffic and use your iPod or portable music player without risking your own or others life.


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  1. Jayne Roceo says:

    Cheers, iPod turning into another traffic hazard | in car ipod entertainment | iPod Republic – what in interesting and controversial topic! mp3 accessories for car is a passion of mine and you’ve captured my thoughts to a T!

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