Is the ‘Full HD’ iPad 3 in production already? Latest rumors says yes to all

While CES 2012 has dominated the tech news in the last week, an event that Apple did not attend themselves, there has also been a lot of talk about the iPad 3, its release date, its features, and whether there will be one or two. Based on the latest reports the answer could be March, full HD screen, QuadCore processor, and two models.

Apple iPad 3 rumors and news

According to a DigiTimes report, Apple is gearing up to the release of the iPad 3 with an improved ‘Full HD’ screen for March release, and a possible 4th generation iPad as early as October this year. The belief/rumor is that the iPad 3 will get a QXGA display with 1536 x 2048 resolution and improved battery life. 9to5Mac also reports that Horwitz from iLounge sent several tweets about a coming iPad 3 that will feature improved cameras, including HD quality for the Facetime camera.

Bloomberg is also reporting on information from unnamed sources that the iPad 3 is already in production and that production will hit peak volumes in February to meet a March release date. They also believe that the tablet will receive a quadcore chip and support LTE networks.

At the same time as the iPad 3 gets released the rumor is that the current iPad 2 will get a price mark down, something that is not that unusual when a new version comes out. Of course these are rumors from sources that sometimes get it wright but also often get it wrong, and until Apple says otherwise they remain unconfirmed rumors.


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