Is the Amazon Kindle the iPod of the book world?

In the US the Amazon Kindle and ebooks have taken the market by storm and is looking to potentially revolutionize the book industry. Although the gadget has not yet hit the UK market, Timesonline is already reporting that there is a huge demand for the Amazon Kindle among UK consumers trough eBay.

The Amazon Kindle is an electronic reading device that allows you to store up to 200 books in digital format with easy reading and viewing settings, including zooming features that is very helpful for elder people and those that are seeing impaired. The US version of the Kindle is not fully compatible for the UK market, but eBay is seeing huge demand for the gadget from UK buyers, with some industry experts referring to it as an iPod like must-have aura.

Many literary experts are talking about the Kindle doing the same for the book market as the iPod has done for the music market, shifting the market and allowing authors to sell their books directly through their website in digital format. Since its launch in the US it has taken a significant chunk out of the traditional book market, surprising many industry experts.

Having not had a chance to try the Kindle yet we are not in a position to give our opinion, but we are looking forward to testing it. For now we will stick to the traditional paper book, which still has a great charm to it. Personally i doubt the book in paper format will ever disappear completely, but then again so did many experts say about the vinyl and the CD when the iPod came onto the market.

The Kindle is expected to hit the UK market towards the end of the year, but you might be able to get the US version through eBay.


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  1. Susan Knott says:

    To be honest I keep putting off buying one because of the price $359.99 but after going back

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