Is Bose getting an AirPlay SoundLink speaker ready for market? [FCC]

Some great spoilers have come from early information on FCC listings, and today we might have just seen the first hint that Bose is ready to embrace AirPlay as a new Bose SoundLink Air has appeared with the FCC.

Bose SoundLink Air filing with the FCC - label

Bose is not new to wireless audio as their current Bose SoundLink bluetooth speaker is a popular alternative in the bluetooth speaker market. They have also delivered solutions that use their own proprietary technology, but so far they have steered clear of AirPlay speakers.

The listings does not reveal much about the speaker, not even if it is an AirPlay speaker, but it does reveal that it has built in support for WiFi, so with the name it is likely that we are looking at the first Bose AirPlay speaker. The only thing that is nearly guaranteed is that this speaker will likely clean out your wallet, like most other Bose speakers. And sometimes it is worth it.

[source: FCC via Engadget]


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