iPod Touch 2G Review

When Apple first launched the iPod Touch it was something completely new that looking back has indeed changed not only the mp3 player industry, but also the mobile phone industry, as touchscreen functionality and multi usage has become the standard in the marketplace today.

The original iPod Touch gave us so much new features than we had seen in an iPod before, which includes the brilliant  touch screen, which is very bright and clear by the way with 480×320 pixels. And of course it was the first iPod that brought the internet to the mp3 player as you could surf wireless checking your email and all your favourite websites.

2nd generation iPod TouchIn September we saw the 2nd generation iPod Touch, or iPod Touch 2G as it has become known as hit the market with some improvements in both design and features, including a slimmer and more rounded design, more similar to the iPhone 3G. With the bigger screen you get a better view of images and video than before on any ipod. Unfortunately there is no camera included like on the iphone. The new iPod Touch 2g is available in three different sizes; 8gb, 16gb and 32gb.

Other new features of the 2G iPod Touch are the external volume control on the side, built in speakers, and of course the new firmware version that includes the Genius playlist feature, allowing you to automatically create intelligent playlists based on one song. Apple has also made improvements to the battery life of the iPod Touch 2G, which now will give you approximately 36 hours playtime for music and up to 6 hours of video.

Another great feature of the iPod Touch 2G is that it supports mic through the phonejack, meaning that with iPod Touch compatible mic headphones you can use it as a phone when connected to a wireless network. With access to the same third party applications as the iPhone, you can amongst other play games, access facebook, and make Skype calls with Fring application,  taking the iPod Touch closer to the iPhone than to any other iPod in the marketplace.

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