Apps more popular with iPod Touch owners – downloads 80% more than iPhone owners

If you are an iPod Touch owner you might be interested in knowing that you most likely have downloaded 80 percent more apps than your iPhone friends, this according to a recent study by mobile ad network AdMob – proving that iPod Touch owners are “app addicted”.

The fact that iPod Touch owners on average download 80% more apps might sound like much, especially considering that there are a lot of apps out there that are targeting more the iPhone user than the iPod Touch user, given the fact that the iPhone can connect to the net through mobile data networks, such as 3G networks. However Apple’s positioning of the iPod Touch as “the funnest iPod” focusing heavily on using apps and games on the iPod Touch has led to iPod Touch owners downloading more apps, especially free apps.

Free apps is the keyword in the difference in apps downloaded between the iPod Touch owner and the iPhone owner. In fact, the survey concludes that 22% of iPod Touch owners download more than 20 free apps each month, with free games leading the way. This is also reflected in the fact that iPhone users actually download on average more paid apps per month than iPod Touch owners (2.6 paid apps versus 2.0 for iPod Touch owners).

If you are an app owner targeting iPod Touch users you might also like to know that 70% of iPod Touch users buy their paid apps after upgrading from the free version, showing that the business model of releasing a free limited version of your app first works, at least with iPod Touch users.

As for “app stickyness” an earlier survey showed how most free apps are not used past their download day, a sign that most free apps are not that good. The fact that iPhone owners seem to download more paid apps and less free apps probably also shows the “maturity” of the iPhone owner, focusing on the usability of the app and how it either solves a problem or help them stay connected in their everyday dealings.

Thanks to the “app addicted” iPod Touch users Apple can also claim victory in number of apps downloaded per device compared to Google’s Android platform.

It will be interesting to see how the 3rd generation iPod Touch and its expected features (camera) will impact on this, as it should open up for even more iPod Touch compatible apps in the iTunes App Store.


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