iPod Touch breaks 100 million sales mark

Right on the back of Apple announcing the release of a new entry level 5th generation iPod Touch 16GB, they have announced that the popular PMP (portable music player) has broken through the 100 million sales mark, turning it into the best selling iPod ever.


The iPod Touch has been around since 2007, establishing itself as the alternative for those that want browsing, gaming, entertainment, and music, but don’t want to shell out for an iPhone. Since then Apple has launched other products, such as the iPad and iPad Mini that has taken some of the attention away from the iPod Touch, but once again, it’s proven that it remains a popular alternative.

It is estimated that Apple since the launch of the original iPod back in 2001, have sold around 350 million iPods of all shapes and sizes. It has however been a shrinking part of the business over recent years, with Apple reporting iPod sales of around 5.6 million in the last quarter, a reduction of 26% compared to same quarter previous year. A lot of that drop can be attributed to cannibalization from the iPad and iPhone range, as well as increased competition and options for the consumer in the PMP marketplace.

Find out more about the latest 5th generation iPod Touch.

We congratulate Apple and the iPod Touch with hitting that great sales landmark!

[Source: Mashable]


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