Best iPod Touch Apps – Our favourite applications and free games for iPod Touch

With the knowledge that the iPod Touch was one of the top stocking fillers this Christmas and reports from Google that searches related to the Apple iPod Touch has gone through the roof since morning Christmas day, we thought we would share our list of favorite iPod Touch Apps and free iPod Touch games.

This list might not be the most comprehensive iPod Touch Apps list on the net, but these are iPod Touch applications that we use ourselves and they are our favourites amongs the thousands of apps available through the iTunes App Store.


Fring has done what so many have been hoping for, bringing Skype to the iPod Touch 2G. The Fring application will allow you to make Skype 2 Skype and Skype out calls when you are connected to a wireless network. It is also compatible with MSN Messenger and can be used as a chat client through Wifi.

Read more about Skype for iPod Touch and Fring Application here.

Google iPod Touch App

As expected Google was quick out of the blocks in making an application for the iPod Touch/iPhone, bringing lots of features that you would expect from Google, such as Google Mail, Maps, Notes, and of course also Google Earth, bringing the world to your fingertips, litteraly!

You can read more about Google Earth App for the iPhone and iPod Touch  here.

Wobble Application

This might be a very boyish application for the iPod Touch, but it is never the less a lot of fun. Wobble animation application lets you animate and wobble any part of a picture, so you could for example make boobs wobble in a picture, or perhaps your belly to replicate the “truffle shuffle”, resulting in a lot of fun. The Wobble application is not quite free, but is available to download form the iTunes App Store for only £0.59 ($0.99).

You can read more about the Wobble Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch here.


The Barfly App is a must for the person that finds himself travelling quite a bit and wants to make sure they have the knowledge of the best bars and clubs at their fingertip. Barfly is a GPS enabled travel guide that will help you find the best bars and clubs around the globe based on your location. If you find yourself in for example New York, Paris, Tokyo, or perhaps Havana and want to find the ultimate Mojito, Barfly will guide you to the hottest places to be seen and enjoy a good drink and music.

Read more about the Barfly iPod Touch Application here.

Joost Tv and Video App

Among the high competitive market of web video and tv services, Joost has been the first to develop an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, bringing their web service to  iPod Touch users as well. Joost will allow you to watch some of your favourite tv shows from networks like CBS, Comedy Central, Warner Bros, and Sony at no charge through the Joost iPhone application and through their web service.

Read more about the Joost video application here.

Amazon shopping application

Allthough this application is only available in the US yet we are sure it will only be a matter of time before it hits the UK market as well. The Amazon shopping application brings shopping to your fingertip with some great new functionality, including a brand new experimental feature called Amazon Remembers, helping you to keep track of items you see day to day, and even matching photos of products to actual products at their online store. Simply take a photo with your iPhone of the item, upload the photo to the application, and get matching results back with one-click to shop.

Read more about the Amazon shopping application for iPod Touch here.

Top free iPod Touch games

These are our favouite free iPod Touch games, some of them are lite versions of games you might have to pay to get the full version of, but they are still fun to play. Click on link to download from iTunes App Store.

In addition to these are there are loads more free games available, as well as some great paid for game apps that you might want to check out as well.

If you don’t have an iPod Touch yet, then check out our best price iPod Touch 2G table here.


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