iPod Touch 5G turning white with 3G data plans

Here is what i think; Apple has had the new iPod Touch 5G ready for a while now, but it has been held up by the more important iPhone 5, hence no announcement has been made yet. However, new speculations have surfaced about the features of the iPod Touch 5G, including support for 3G data connectivity in the same way as with the iPad.

White iPod Touch 5

There is nothing really new around the 3G speculations for the iPod Touch, as this has been an on going topic amongst the tech/Apple crowd for years now, and especially following the iPad getting 3G connection through data only deals with the mobile networks. With Apple launching the iCloud and iOS 5 this fall as well, being able to sync without wires requires data connection, and although there are plenty of wireless hotspots you can get access to, it would make sense to also give the iPod Touch fans at least the option of a 3G model. The only big issue around this is really the cost of adding the 3G functionality, as we can see from the difference in price of iPad 2 including 3G compared to WiFi model only. Depending on what Apple might do in terms of a lower cost iPhone, the price difference between the iPhone 5 and an iPod Touch with 3G could still be big enough to make the iPod Touch a relevant solution.

As for the iPod Touch 5 turning white, there has been possible leaks and rumors around this ever since Apple was able to successfully make the iPhone 4 white a few months ago.

Read more about possible features and design for the iPod Touch 5 here.

[source: AppleNapps via Appleinsider]


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