iPod Touch 5 – in living color

iPod Touch fans have had to wait two years for Apple to finally answer many of the request that we have asked for. The result is the all new 5th generation iPod Touch with a 4-inch Retina display.

iPod Touch 5 in design and features

With the iPod Touch 5 Apple went back to the drawing board with the aim of taking some of the best elements of the new iPhone 5 while maintaining the features that have made the iPod Touch into a bestseller. That means they have made the new version thinner, lighter, more powerful, and with more features. In many ways you can think of the iPod Touch as an ‘iPhone light’ without the phone feature.

The new iPod Touch 5 design takes inspiration from the MacBook line, featuring the same anodised aluminium casing, machined from a single piece of aluminium, giving it that smooth finish and edges. To give you an idea of the dimensions of the new iPod Touch 5 it is a mere 6.1mm thick and weighs in at only 88 grams. it is also great to see that Apple has stepped away from only offering the iPod Touch in black or white version, adding a splash of color to the casing with it now being available in 5 colors; slate, silver, blue, yellow, pink, and Product (Red).

It features the same 4-inch Retina display that you get with the iPhone 5, making watching videos and playing games even more vibrant and colorful. You now get the widescreen experience while still making it easy to control with one hand. On the inside Apple has given the iPod Touch 5 the A5X processor for improved performance. it is not quite the A6X chip that is found in the iPhone 5, but should still deliver a higher performance in CPU and graphics than earlier models. The reduced power consumption of the A5X chip has also resulted in battery life improving, providing up to 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video between charges.

Apple has also taken the camera a step further on the iPod Touch 5, upgrading the facetime camera to HD and adding a 5MP iSight camera to the back of the unit. You can now also easily take panorama shots with your iPod Touch and edit photos using the iPhoto app.

With the new iPod Touch you also get the new Apple EarPods, that are said to bring enhanced audio performance compared to the old white earbuds. It also has the new Lightning Connector, so if you have a wide range of dock based accessories, such as iPod speaker docks etc. you might have to shell out for a Lightning to 30-pin adaptor, or if your system is not wireless as well, such as bluetooth or Airplay speakers, you could look at getting a bluetooth dock adaptor to turn your system wireless.

iOS 7, Siri and AirPlay mirroring comes to iPod Touch 5

With the hardware update the iPod Touch 5 supports iOS 7 and Siri voice assistant, a great new addition to the iPod Touch arsenal, allowing you to ask Siri all kinds of questions, update Facebook, send iMessages etc. it is all part of making the new iPod Touch 5 more fun than ever before. One of the main new features of iOS 6 is of course its deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to keep a thighter and more fluent control on your digital social life.

With the new AirPlay mirroring feature you can now bring the screen experience of your iPod Touch 5 to the big screen, as long as you have a compatible Apple TV, like the latest Apple TV model or 2nd generation, a requirement for AirPlay mirroring at this time. Hopefully we will see more Tv’s in the future come with AirPlay support.

Where to buy the iPod Touch 5

Besides buying it direct from Apple, the iPod Touch 5 is also available from other UK retailers, including Amazon, PC World and Currys.

You can check out our iPod Touch 5 best price tables which we update with new retailers as they become available.

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Latest iPod Touch 5 news

iPod Touch breaks 100 million sales mark


Right on the back of Apple announcing the release of a new entry level 5th generation iPod Touch 16GB, they have announced that the popular PMP (portable music player) has broken through the 100 million sales mark, turning it into the best selling iPod ever.

New entry level iPod Touch 16GB announced without iSight camera

Apple new 16gb iPod Touch

When Apple last year updated the iPod Touch to 5th generation they pimped it up with 4-inch retina displays, slimmed it down, gave it some more color options, and added a good quality iSight camera to the back. Yesterday they announced a new entry level iPod Touch 16GB for the more budget conscious, stripping out the iSight camera and going with the basic traditional color.

New larger iPhone could come with an iPod Touch refresh

Possible new iPod Touch 4-inch screen (source: Geekorbit.net)

Rumors have it that Apple will start off a busy fall schedule with the announcement of a new larger 4-inch screen iPod Touch and a brand new iPod Nano, all leading up to the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. If all this is true, it is going to be one busy Apple shopping season! More inside.

A refresh finally on the cards for iPod Touch

References to ipod5,1 found in hidden iOS 5.1 internal files brings hope of long overdue upgrade for the iPod Touch, which is going on the its second year now without any upgrade. It was overlooked last year, but could this fall breath new life into the iPod Touch? Find out more here.

iPod Touch turns white and comes preloaded with iOS 5 from 12th October

iPod Touch gets white update and price drop

iPod Touch gets update to white version and will come preloaded with iOS 5 from 12th October, including a slight price drop. Given the technical specifications of the iPhone 4S have not been transferred to the iPod Touch I can’t help but question the future of the popular gaming device.

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