iPod Touch 5 with 3G leaked on Apple UK website

Rumors of the iPod Touch getting 3G connection capabilities has been around almost as long as the iPod Touch itself, but as the world prepares for a new generation of Apple devices to be announced in August/September, could it be that Apple has leaked an indication that the next generation iPod Touch 5 will finally receive 3G connection?

iPod Touch 5 with 3G leaked on Apple UK website

As you can see from the image above from the Apple UK iTunes page, it shows what looks like an iPod Touch 4 sporting the centralized front camera, but when you look closer it says ’3G’ at the top left corner of the screen, just like on the current iPhone.

Now there could be other explanations to this other than the iPod Touch 5 getting 3G connectivity, such as the image being produced and sporting an iPhone screen on an iPod Touch device, not that i see why Apple would do something like that, or allow such a mistake to get through their quality controls.

If we are indeed talking about the next generation iPod Touch getting 3G capabilities, just like the iPad 2, what would the potential impact be in terms of price etc? I would expect Apple to sell the 3G version alongside the standard wifi version at a premium price of course.

No word from Apple on any of this yet, and i would not expect them to make any statements yet either.

[source: Geeky-Gadgets]


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