Will the iPhone 4 rub off onto the iPod Touch 4? We hope so

With iPhone fans around the world waiting for June 24th to get their hands on the new iPhone 4, we have also noticed that a lot of people are looking for information about the 4th generation iPod Touch 4. We have looked at the iPhone 4 features and what it might mean for the iPod Touch.

Some of the hottest rumours for about a year now is that the next generation iPod Touch 4 will receive a camera, and there has even been a potential leak iPod Touch prototype similar to what we saw with the iPhone 4 for the next iPod Touch.  Many of our readers are however wondering what the future holds for the iPod Touch, especially following the launch of the Apple iPad. There are however some good “signs” following the iPhone launch that Apple could, and perhaps should, bring to the iPod Touch 4.

Design and camera

The new iPhone 4 has been made about 35% slimmer than the iPhone 3GS, which means that sizewise it is more in line with the current iPod Touch. Considering what Apple has been able to fit into the iPhone 4, including double camera and LED flash, as well as a bigger and improved battery, there should definitely be room for fitting similar camera and features into the iPod Touch 4.

Display screen

I would say this is a given to be transferred to the iPod Touch 4 as well. Apple has over the last two years very much targeted the iPod Touch as a gaming platform to compete with other mobile gaming solutions, including the PSP and Nintendo DS, and providing a close to HD resolution for that platform will make that gaming experience even better. If Apple does not bring this to the iPod Touch 4 they might as well discontinue the device in whole.

A4 chipset +Micro Sim tray

This is another must in the upgrade as both the Apple iPad and the iPhone 4 has received this new chip that improves performance and battery life. For a device like the iPod Touch  this could mean that play time can be extended beyond what the iPod Touch currently have.

Both the iPad and the iPhone 4 has received the new micro sim tray, so why not fit the same into the iPod Touch 4 as well. Guess the main argument against this would be that it would take it too close to the iPhone.


I guess when looking at the above opportunities plus the added features of the iOS 4, what we might have in the iPod Touch 4 is actually a smaller and even more mobile version of the Apple iPad.

Although the Apple iPad is a great entertainment platform for Apple, including for gaming, i find it slightly too big to be truly mobile gaming platform. Therefore there should still be a market for the iPod Touch as a slimmed down iPad.

One thing for sure, we are more excited about what might be for the iPod Touch 4 then ever.


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4 Responses to "Will the iPhone 4 rub off onto the iPod Touch 4? We hope so"

  1. anonymous says:

    Yes, the iPod touch 4 will be having the same great features as the iphone 4; excluding a phone, and possible the front camera (it will still include a camera in on the non-screen side). It will look like the new iPhone 4, but may or may not be released in white, but will be in black.

    possible pricing include a 200 8GB or 16GB (if there is an 8 GB, the 16 GB will be 250), 300 for 32 GB and 400 for the 64 GB

    Announcing of this new product will be any time after 9/7/10; it was not announced/released during the summer because of apple’s “buy a mac and get an ipod touch free” offer.

  2. interested says:

    you know,i have got this argument in my head over and over that why should ipod touch 4 be any closer to iphone 4 in features??!!first i said its just the matter of ur need!!if u need a phone,u get iphone 4,if u dont need a phone,but all of the other features,u’ll get an ipod touch 4!
    but now it doesnt really make sense to me,u know…idont know,im not as smart as steve and apple,not even close!there dont seem to be many reasons for apple’s sales to decline with the release of an ipod touch 4 similar to iphone 4 in features!but still,its not that simple!!!!!!

  3. i would really like it if apple decides to put a camera in the ipod touch, i have an ipod touch and a digital camera and i dont like carrying around both. I think Steve Jobs and AT&T are just afraid that people wil start buying iPod touches and not iPhones because iPhones are more expensive and you need to pay for a plan and a monthly fee, and steve knows that people will design applications so you can call people for free and all you need is a headset with a microphone(Text free unlimited is a free application where you can send unlimited text messages to any US cell phone number or ipod touch that has textfree pic free is the same thing except you send pictures) and with the camera on your ipod touch you could just download the app for video chat calling and use that oh! and i forgot to mention we wont need to pay for internet because we can run our ipods on Wi-Fi! so i can see Why Steve is contemplating weather or not to add a camera but there are also many good reasons why he should add a camera so I think if he gets many complaints or suggestions stating why there should be a camera he will proably vote yes on adding a camera.
    Nicole Jobs

  4. ????? says:

    I just hope it doesn’t have that fragile glass screen from the iPhone 4, although that is what allows the nearly HD screen…….

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