iPod Touch 3G speed test confirms improvements

When Apple a few weeks back announced the upgraded new iPod Touch, the main features and selling points where improved storage to 64gb, lower price points, and faster processing with support for OpenGL ES 2.0 providing more advanced graphics for mobile devices such as the iPod Touch.

Apple is positioning the new iPod Touch towards gamers and that requires good graphics and processor speed for the increasingly advanced games that are becoming available through the iTunes App Store, and not to mention to compete with the likes of PSPGo. In the event Apple claimed that the processing speed for the new iPod Touch 3G is 50 percent faster than on its 2nd generation predecessor.

MacWorld has done the test on the new iPod Touch 3G comparing it with the iPod Touch 2G, using the same or similar criteria as used when testing the iPhone 3GS. Below is the table outlining the results, but it is clear that there are definite speed improvements from the new upgraded iPod Touch.

MacWorld iPod Touch speed test

In addition to the above they can also report that everything else also seems to be running faster, including opening and closing applications, and loading websites.

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2 Responses to "iPod Touch 3G speed test confirms improvements"

  1. retry4 says:

    I think apple found a gold mine with the iPhone/iPod touch! The app store is probably the cause of their popularity. Well done apple, well done!


  2. Chase says:

    I am glad apple has this new ipod coming out, but its a bittersweet feeling.
    I just got the 2nd gen for christmas. knowing 3rd gen will be out in a few months kills me.
    oh well :/

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