3rd generation iPod Touch with upgrades but no camera

Following todays announcement from Apple what was believed to be the banker of the event, the 3rd generation iPod Touch with camera, did not happen. The iPod Touch 3G, if you wish to call it that, did instead receive an upgrade to 64gb and improved processing speed for an improved overall performance, and importantly, a price drop.

upgrade to 64gb for new iPod TouchFor months we have all been talking about the 3rd generation iPod Touch getting a camera similar to the iPhone 3GS, instead it was the iPod Nano that will receive the camera, whilst the upgrades to the iPod Touch have more to do with performance, as the two top models will become 50 percent faster than the current model and have support for Open GL|ES version 2.0, the cross platform graphics API. This is probably also the reason why Apple in their precentation of the iPod Touch focused so much on the new games that will be made available on iTunes App Store, including EA’s Madden NFL 2010.

Apple could share sales figures for the iPod Touch of over 20 million units sold worldwide since its launch, making it the iPod platform of the future, and how the iPod Touch is changing the mobile gaming industry.

With the dissappointment of many that it did not feature a camera, for now, Apple could share the good news that they are lowering the price point of the 3rd generation iPod Touch. This was also expected as some competitors have launched at a lower price point, and the current iPod Touch prices was probably a bit too close to the price of the iPhone. The new US prices for the iPod Touch models are as follows:

  • 8GB iPod Touch – $199
  • 32GB iPod Touch – $299
  • 64GB iPod Touch – $399

The UK prices from Apple are as follows:

  • 8GB iPod Touch -£149
  • 32GB iPod Touch -£229
  • 64GB iPod Touch -£299

The 16GB iPod Touch was actually not mentioned so perhaps it is actually being removed from the line up. We will update with UK prices as soon as we have updates from the other merchants in our best price 3rd gen iPod Touch table.

The iPod Touch will also get the free upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 that was announced and is available in iTunes now. This upgrade brings amongst other improvements to Genius functionality.

We will be back with more on the iPod Touch 3G in the coming weeks, including opinions as to why there was no camera announced for the iPod Touch at this point. Perhaps the rumors around technical difficulties were true after all. Give us your opinion in the poll below.



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18 Responses to "3rd generation iPod Touch with upgrades but no camera"

  1. Mikerpen says:

    If the rumors were true about technical difficulties were true, then how could the iPod Touch 3G be on sale now? They have been making the iPod Touch 3G without the camera for weeks now, so that was always the plan.

  2. fadlfhasldkf says:

    its not the third generation ipod touch its still the second generation just upgraded
    and it will have a camera on it when it comes out

  3. Dude says:

    I have no clue because that was the same question I had…

  4. Dude says:

    …or they could have been making both at the same time in case the error occurred…

    …or they had the problem a long time ago, thus making the iPod Touch 3G with camera legit, but still in their ‘beta’ stage, and they had to cancel before it was too late…

    …or the suspected iPod Touch 3G never was meant to have a camera :( (I doubt it, I actually probably blame it to technical issues)…

    …on that thought, I hope they release an iPod Touch 3.5G with camera :) or next year around September they release the iPod Touch 4G with camera :P

    …after all, they are better off adding a camera to it sooner or later because the public has been speculating this since before the launch of the iPod Touch 2G (looks like a request)!

  5. steven says:

    to fadl, the ipod touch with a camera(if it does happen) will not come out until next year, if it DOES come out anytime soon, apple will have to replace all the 3rd gen touches without cameras with the ones with the camera. they wouldent do that

  6. makenzie says:

    Im dissapointed there is no camera but i will still get it because i have the 1st generation and im ready for a new one!! it should have blue tooth at least since there is no camera!! It needs a camera!!! hopefully they will find a way to put in on it…

  7. dani says:

    hey im saving up for an i pod touch the 3g but after i read this im not so sure. i have an mp3 and its a piece of crap so i wanted this ipod. wat do u guys think should i get it or should i save up for somethin else. plz help me

  8. admin says:

    dani, it depends if the camera was something that was really important for you from the new iPod Touch or not. A recent unofficial speed test of the 3rd generation iPod Touch indicates that is much improved compared to the previous version. Here is the link to the story:


  9. Fred Bingham says:

    I have a 30gb video ipod and after much soul searching decided it was time to abandon my
    old faithful friend and invest in the new 3rd gen ipod touch.
    I have been a great fan of the ipod touch and have been wanting one for some time.
    Some friends have them and they looked amazing and vey desirable!
    After Apple announced they were bringing out the 3rd gen with a price drop I couldnt
    wait any longer.I rushed out and purchased my new best friend.
    After downloading all my music videos and photos I started investigating my new toy!
    Yes there is no camera but my god this thing is perfect and the added extras make up for more
    than a stupid camera which every mobile phone has now!The music and video quality is exceptional and with all the free aps out there I will never get bored – wifi – bluetooth – internet connection – smooth touch screen – voice activated music control (doesnt really understand my scottish dialect but does work)This blows any competitor out of the water.Sell your soul or a vital organ and get one.Theres only one word to describe this ipod…..AWESOME !

  10. viet says:

    im really dissappointed that the i touch wont get a camera
    if you are making a camera for the i touch please email me
    im really looking foward to it thnx

  11. Southern miss says:

    Ha ha………..What a dissapointment! The ipod 3g is ridiculously priced when its basically the same as a jailbroken ipod 2g. Apple is really getting sorry with this situation and this is noticable because the zune is being compared to the advancements of the third generation ipod touch. Thats not good at all.

  12. southern miss wth says:

    how can you sit there and compare ipod touch 3g to a jailbroken 2g? Oh and dont even bring up zune! I hadan 80 gigabyte zune and I hated it so much that I traded it for an 8 gig ipod touch

  13. whatzittoya says:

    im totally asking for this for xmas! thanks guys!

  14. Alicia says:

    I want to know how to tell if it is a 2g or 3g because I just got a touch. It said it was 3g but after reading this i’m not sure it is anymore. If you could help me out it’s much appreciated. Thanx

  15. admin says:

    In theory the latest one we refer to as the 3rd generation iPod Touch is an upgrade from the 2nd generation. You can identify which one it is in two ways (1.) if it is a 64gb version it will be the latest model (3rd generation) or (2.) look at the back underneath where it says the memory size. The new models only have 2-3 lines of text engraved while the 2nd generation has 4 lines of text.

  16. Alicia says:

    Ok well thank you. It is indeed a 3g iPod as I was told. :)

  17. russ says:

    to steven who thinks if apple brought out the ipod touch WITH camera soon they’d have to replace all the ooer people have bought just now? How stupid can u get, they have NO obligation to change any ipods already sold no matter what changes they did to it!

  18. russ says:

    to all the people whinging about no camera, would u buy a camera to use as a phone? If it did have a camera you’d moan your faces off about the quality of the pictures. A camera is a SECOND feature on a phone, nothing more except a novelty!

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