RumourCentral: Third generation iPod Touch 3.0 spotted

The first rumors about the 3rd generation iPod Touch probably started around the same time as Apple announced the 2nd generation iPod Touch back in September last year. With September only months away most people are expecting another iPod event and a new generation of the iPod Touch 3.0, especially following revelations of code strings referring to “iPod 3,1” given that the current one is referred to as “iPod 2,1”.

Since this was first revealed as part of the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade, the rumors around the coming iPod Touch 3.0 has flurished, and i do say “coming” as i am 99% sure there will be one before Christmas. It might not be revolutionary different, but we should at least be looking at a similar upgrade for the iPod Touch 3.0 as what we saw with the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS this summer.

This time it is Pinch Media that is reporting incidents of “iPod 3,1” based on use of their Pinch Analytics. Since April this year Pinch Analytics have several times picked up testing from devices referring to the iPod Touch 3.0.  Pinch Analytics is an application that you can install together with your iPhone and iPod Touch application to see stats and usage of your application by device type, so the instances of “iPod 3,1” could come from Apple doing early testing of this next generation iPod Touch 3.0.

One of the hottest rumors are also that the next generation iPod Touch 3.0 will feature digital camera with both photo and video capability.

We will continue to follow the rumor mill around the iPod Touch 3.0 leading up to a possible autumn launch.


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6 Responses to "RumourCentral: Third generation iPod Touch 3.0 spotted"

  1. foureyes says:

    I’m going to hold off on getting one until I see the new one! Although I’m not really bothered about a camera…

  2. Ipodfanatic says:

    I just bought an itouch but reading this, I’ll return it for this new one.
    The new mic would allow skpe to play and basically would make the ipod an iphone

  3. J Man says:

    I was about to order one, then I saw this, so I think I’m going to hold off, there are many other rumors such as up to 120 GB of space, better speakers, and they might even make it skinnier!

  4. hey J Man, the new iPod touch is going to be like the iPhone 3GS, so I am 100% certain that it will NOT be any skinnier. Apple is going to make it look the same as the 3GS, so that all the accessories will work on the 3G, 3GS, AND the iPod touch. It is only going to be released in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. It will have the same camera that the 3GS has, meaning video recording and uploading to YouTube as well. It will have a compass (presumably) which is new HARDWARE as well as a new Apple app. I wish they would combine Music and Videos into one app, but for some reason they won’t. You can trust me, because I am a future worker at Apple Inc. I study everything there is to know about computers and iPods. Click my name to go to my YouTube channel!

  5. iPodTekki says:


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