iPod Touch 2.0 firmware leak causing Apple headache

Cnet yesterday reported that Apple might have caused themselves some potential headache by not protecting the 2.0 firmware upgrade for the iPod Touch from being leaked for free onto the internet.

Apple which is charging $9.99 for the new 2.0 iPod Touch firmware upgrade through iTunes has had some problems the last couple of days due to the high demand on their servers with the launch of the new iPhone and the Apple application store, and this has lead to a lot of people not being able to download the upgrade through iTunes and instead seeking the leaked upgrade for free online.

Comments on the post from Cnet also indicates that a lot of iPod Touch owners are not happy about Apple once again charging them for an upgrade that is free for iPhone users, and the fact that the prize for the first firmware upgrade in January was twice this amount.

Perhaps Apple needs to consider an annual subscription fee that will cover all future upgrades to the firmware?

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