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One of the beauties of the iPod Touch and the iPhone is all the lovely applications and internet connection allowing you to stay in touch with your friends, family, or readers in many ways. We have therefore expanded our communication with the online world to include Twitter – so please join our official iPodRepublic Tweet here.

By joining us on Twitter you can keep track of the latest posts on the site as well as keep track on what we are doing outside the site, such as right now watching the re-runs of the Grammys. Have to say that the Grammys were a bit predictable this year, and lacked some of the punch we have seen before. Perhaps the credit crunch have affected the Grammys as well, or perhaps the music industry is realizing that it has to change with the times to stay in touch with their fan base.

Join us on Twitter today.

The rap pack was quite good! Nice to see Kanye West and Jay Z back on stage together, just like in Manchester last year, which was an awesome concert. Back to the Grammys here now, but looking forward to hear from you on Twitter and the website.

Keep the iPod revolution rolling across the globe!


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