iPod Nano 4G review

The new iPod Nano 4G that was released by Apple back in September this year has taken the Nano design back to a look that is more similar to what we saw with the 2nd generation iPod Nano compared to the more square 3G iPod Nano, and we are sure the new iPod Nano 4G will become a very popular player with its great features and size.

The 4g iPod Nano

One the main flaws with the 3G iPod Nano was that the screen was not in widescreen format, so to accomodate for this in the new iPod Nano 4G Apple decided to revert back to the taller design, but with a larger screen that when tilted on the side will allow you to watch videoes in widescreen format.

However you should not mistake the new iPod Nano 4G with the 2nd generation Nano, as the design is sleeker and it comes packed with a lot more functions that we have grown accustomed to from Apple. Some of the major new features of the iPod Nano 4G is:

  • Thinnest iPod to date
  • Improved battery time with 24 hour playtime for music and 4 hours for video
  • Upgrades to 8GB and 16GB memory to reflect growing file sizes for music quality and video
  • Shake the new iPod Nano 4G and it will play a random song from your music library
  • Supporting the new Apple Genius playlist generation

When it comes to design the new iPod Nano 4G is also available in 8 different colours, so should accomodate most people when it comes to color choice.

Apple has also just released a firmware upgrade that will fix some of the early bugs with the new iPod Nano 4G, so if you are looking to buy one we suggest you take a look at our best price iPod Nano table here. The prices have been updated to reflect the new 5th generation iPod Nano with camera.

For a full review of the iPod Nano 4G we suggest you take a look at TestFreaks (who analyses most reviews) where the Apple iPod Nano 4G has scored 6.4 out of 10 with top reviews coming from TrustedReviews, Register Hardware etc.

If you want to see the latest iPod Nano commercial from Apple, you can the iPod Nano-cromatic ad here. Also check out the latest news on the iPod Nano 4G here.


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