iPod Nano 6G – 6th generation Nano to receive touchscreen

If we are to believe in the latest leaks and rumours ahead of the Apple iPod event on the 1st September, we might be looking at a 6th generation iPod Nano featuring touchscreen instead of the traditional clickwheel.

We have earlier reported on the leaked images of a tiny touchscreen that was believed to be either for the 6th generation iPod Nano, or for a possible touchscreen replacement for the iPod Shuffle, and now leaked images of what is supposed to be a case for the new iPod Nano 6 has surfaced, again indicating that we might be looking at a touchscreen device.

Leaked images of possible new touchscreen iPod Nano 6G case

It was iLounge that spotted these new case designs from Chinese manufacturer X-Doria.

Given the size of these cases we might be looking at a merger between the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle, and to be fair, do the market really need both? Instead we might get a touchscreen device that sits somewhere between the Nano and the Shuffle in size.

If Apple packs in the right amount of features in a smaller touchscreen iPod Nano 6G than it could easily become differentiated enough to make it interesting even for us Apple owners that find the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch just that little-bit too big for use when out running etc.

We are looking forward to see what Apple brings to the table at the event on 1st September, besides the new iPod Touch 4.


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3 Responses to "iPod Nano 6G – 6th generation Nano to receive touchscreen"

  1. Damen00 says:

    I have an iPhone and and the new Nano. I also have the previous generation Nano. I tend to agree with Apple: I never the older Nano once to watch a video. I never used the contacts, the calendar, nor did I play a game on the Nano. I bought it for jogging, I only used it for jogging.

  2. Radoslav says:

    i have a problem.My ipod nano 6g 16gb aways turn off after 1min

  3. Emery Shafer says:

    Thanks for this great article. It has helped me a lot.

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