iPod Nano watch-strap turns the Nano into a watch

Yes, you guessed it, the latest iPod Nano accessory is nothing other than a watch-strap so that you can wear your new iPod Nano 6th generation as a wrist-watch.

Watch-strap for use with iPod Nano 6

Before Steve Jobs announced the new touchscreen iPod Nano 6 there were many that was speculating as to what Apple would be using such a small touchscreen for, and one of the suggestions was for a combined iPod and watch. Now the iPod Nano is not strictly a watch replacement, but with the right accessory it can be done.

iLoveHandles are among the first to release this new accessory for the iPod Nano 6, creating a watch-strap exclusively for use with the iPod Nano 6. It is made of leather and looks very similar to any other regular watch-strap, except it has a notch in the middle to allow for centering the iPod Nano 6 when clipping it on to the strap.

If you fancy wearing your iPod Nano as a watch then this might be just what you have been looking for, and the price should not be more than around £10. We have not been able to find this specific one yet for the UK market, but have a look at Amazon or Ebay to see what you might find.

Now if only Apple can release a fix for the issues of not being able to turn off your iPod Nano 6!


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