New iPod Nano Touchscreen launched – Small just got interesting

Apple and Steve Jobs was in a really good mood today and the news and updates came like pearls on a string, including the brand new and smaller multitouch iPod Nano touchscreen.

New iPod Nano with multitouch released

iPod Nano Multitouch design

This is the 6th generation iPod Nano and Apple has stuck with its trend of making the device smaller and smaller for each year. This time they have achieved it by removing the clickwheel and basically be left with just a small screen that now works as a multitouch control, much as rumored in advance of the the event.

The new iPod Nano 6 is not much bigger then the iPod Shuffle, measuring a tiny 1.5 x 1.6 x 0.35 inches and that is including the clip on the back, weighting in at a ridiculous 21.1 grams. The new multitouch display measures 1.54 inches diagonally and has 240×240 resolution with 220 pixels per inch. The iPod Nano is left with 3 physical buttons, all on the top, controlling volume and sleep/awake function. Everything else is controlled by the touchscreen.

iPod Nano 6 also comes with a clip on the back, much like the iPod Shuffle does, for easy fastening to garments etc. and is available in 6 colors + a (red) product version.

The Multi-touch controls

As mentioned above, pretty much all the features of the new iPod Nano 6 Multitouch sits in the touchscreen, allowing you to control most features with just a swipe or a tap of a finger. The homescreen displays up to 4 icons, but like with other Apple touchscreen devices other icons are just a swipe away. Customizing the homescreen is also done in the same way as on other touchscreen Apple devices.

Other common touch controls are:

  • Tap to select item
  • Swipe up or down to browse lists
  • Rotate the screen by using two fingers and rotate in the direction you want

Apple has also retained the shake-to-shuffle song features of previous models. As far as we can tell, and perhaps a bit surprising, is that it does not look like Apple has implemented the voice control features of the previous button-less iPod Shuffle.

Radio Nano – built in FM radio

As the new iPod Nano Multi-touch is very much a music device, Apple has kindly implemented FM radio into the device as well for those that might have grown tired of their regular playlists and fancy something different while on the go. Interesting is also that the radio function on the iPod Nano 6 features pausing live radio, allowing you to continue listening from where you paused, or even rewind up to 15 minutes.

Nike+ with the iPod Nano

Using nike+ with new iPod NanoThis is not something new, but with the new design and its even smaller size and back clip for fastening to garments, we can see this iPod Nano Multi-touch becoming a very popular gadget with the sports crowd. The size, flexibility, and controls make it ideal for running, walking, or pretty much any other sports where you don’t have to actively use your hearing to participate.

With the ability to rotate the display it also makes it very easy to control the iPod Nano 6 no matter where you have clipped it on to your body.

The battery time also makes it ideal for on-the-go music listeners as it has up to 24 hours of continues playtime between charges.

Price and where to buy

The new iPod Nano Multi-touch is available in 8GB and 16GB models and we would expect that prices will actually start varying a bit by color for the individual models as well, as we have seen with the current iPod Nano range. UK prices as announced by Apple are as follows:

  • 8GB iPod Nano – £129 / $149
  • 16GB iPod Nano – £159 / $179

Once more retailers start announcing their prices and availability to order the new iPod Nano we will update our best price iPod Nano Multitouch tables.


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  1. Margie says:

    I hate my new Ipod Nano. I cant get it to shut off and I am constantly having to charge it. I’m giving it one more week and then back to the store it goes.

  2. Is this for real? How can you navigate on a touch screen that’s so tiny? box cup

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