iPod Nano 5G gets firmware upgrade with bug fixes

Apple has recently released  software upgrade 1.0.2 for the 5th gen iPod Nano, fixing issues around playback speed on podcasts and genius mixes for use with Nike+ amongst other things.

The iPod Nano got a new lease on life when the 5th gen iPod Nano was released back in September with an integrated video camera, without hiking up the price point for the customer. With the recent software upgrade, Apple has made some improvements to the functionality of the iPod Nano 5G as well. The iPod Nano 1.0.2 firmware upgrade fixes the normal/slower/faster audio playback of podcasts, something that should be a relief for all of you out there that likes to listen to your favourite podcasts on your iPod Nano 5G.

Other features of the new 1.0.2 iPod Nano software upgrade includes allowing genius mixes to work with Nike+, and there are fixes for a voice over problem and the headphones control.

You can download and install the new 1.0.2 firmware upgrade for the iPod Nano 5G from iTunes.


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