Ipod mobile DJ workstation Numark iDJ2

The Numark iDJ2 is the only Apple ipod mixing console that provides full control over your music with real time scratching (two jog wheels), a quality screen, and the Numark exclusive crate management. The keylock technology allows the DJ to easily change tempo without affecting the pitch. The ipod docking station on the iDJ2 will allow the DJ to play and mix two songs of the ipod simultaneously without the need of a computer. It also had rear panel USB ports for connecting additional iPod’s or other mass storage devices.

In addition to these features it of course incorporates a full spec of professional DJ requirements, such as balanced outputs, pitch control, key lock, seamless looping and full cuing. In case you were wondering, yes it does provide charging for your ipod as well.

This product is available from:

Amazon.co.uk – £449

Pixmania – £566

Advanced MP3 Players – £498

See other Numark DJ equipment here.


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