iPod is top Christmas gift in the UK this year

According to the DailyRecord.co.uk the iPod is the top Christmas gift this year after sales demand. UK Christmas shoppers have been buying the iPod leading up to Christmas, and the new 2nd generation iPod Touch 8GB is the topseller.

iPod Touch 8GBGoogle has reported that the iPod Touch was the most searched for gadget leading up to Christmas after Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit, ensuring that there will be lot of people in the UK this year that will be burning off their Christmas dinners playing on the Wii and listening to the iPod.

Amazon UK bestseller list also shows that the iPod is very popular with six iPod’s among the top 20. The most popular model is the 8GB iPod Touch, which according to our best price iPod Touch table at the moment retails for £155 from Amazon UK.

It is clear that despite hard economic times the iPod is still a product that people can afford and are willing to pay for, proving perhaps that quality and style is always a best seller even in tough times.

You can see our best price iPod tables here, or perhaps check out some of the top iPod accessories this Christmas that you will need when you unwrap that iPod on Christmas morning.


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  1. Brandon says:

    You are a very smart person!

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    Que j’aime les jeux vid

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    Que j’aime les jeux vid

  4. jeuxenligne says:

    Bonne info , merci cela va m’etre utile !

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