iPod generation – are you feeling the crunch?

The Telegraph today wrote about how the so called iPod generation are the ones suffering the most from the tough economic climate in these credit crunch times.

Are you part of the iPod generation that has enjoyed the rising living standards in the last decade, spending your credit card without much thought about securing your future against tougher times ahead? if so you are just the person we are talking about.

Although we might be a generation in debt after spending above our means on new gadgets, like the latest iPod, we are not necessarily less good with money then our parent generation, we just live in different times.

We are a generation that has been told to get an education where we end up with student loans instead of owning our own property and getting an income from an early age. A generation that has been encouraged by our political leaders to spend money and keep the economy growing. And ultimately we are the generation that will have to pay for the debt this nation has built up over the last decades.

On the positive side, we are also the generation that has the knowledge of the changing economy and technology, and the possibility of finding our own way through this and learn from the mistakes done in the past.

It has been said that without struggle there is no progress. As a generation we might be among those that won’t benefit from great state pensions, but hopefully we will be the generation that implements change for the better and will rise from this recession with greater strenghtand a better and more fair system.

Meanwhile we might as well enjoy the music on our iPod while we try and fix the credit broken Britain.


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