iPod Classic gets new lease on life with upgrade to 160GB

Just a day ago we raised the question of what Apple should do next with the iPod Classic with the conclusion that they will probably keep this gadget classic going for another year. The answer came today as Apple announced that the iPod Classic gets an upgrade to 160GB without an increase in price.

Apple gives iPod Classic upgrade to 160gb

The way Apple announced the upgrade to the iPod Classic, quickly and without much fuzz, is a clear sign that this classic is slowly being fased out of the iPod line up, but that it still got some revenue potential left in it to milk out. By giving it another upgrade to 160GB Apple has reinforced the positioning of the iPod Classic as the choice for those with massive music libraries and the need to take it all with them wherever they go.

With the 160GB  iPod Classic you can store up to 40, 000 songs, 200 hours of iPod compatible video, or 25,000 photos – should be enough for the most of us i would think!

The upgrade to the 160GB iPod Classic has also been done without increasing the price point, as the new upgraded iPod Classic will retail for $249 in the US and £189 in the UK. We will be back with updated best price iPod Classic 160GB tables as soon as all the merchants have updated their websites.


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