iPhone worms, christmas 8gb iPhone, and unlocking – just a normal week for the iPhone

For those of us obsessed with our iPhones it has been a busy few days of news and rumors, bombarded through newsfeeds and tweets, some good and some not good at all, but we can all agree – life is not boring with the iPhone and here are the highlights for the last few days.

Lets start with the fresh and bad news, the iPhone “Rick Astley” worm. For the first time, or at least that i have heard of, the iPhone has been vunerable to a worm that has quickly become known as the Rick Astley worm because it changes the background on your iPhone to a picture of Rick Astley. Now this worm is limited in terms of danger as it is only jailbroken iPhones that can be attacked, and even those will have to run a program called SSH that allows you to access your iPhone remotely.Now this worm might not sound that dangerous, but it represents a first, and a beginning of something that could become a bigger problem in the future.  For no, those of you infected will have to live with looking at the idol that was Rick Astley!

With all the hoopla about the Motorola Droid being the first Android phone to really challenge the iPhone, rumors are surfacing that Apple might be planning to rain on Motorola’s parade by launching a 8gb iPhone 3GS retailing at $99 in time for the busy Christmas season. Personally i think that 8gb is just  not enough memory with the 100,000 apps available for the iPhone.

Now, some good news for UK iPhone owners with O2. With the iPhone 3GS on Orange being launched tomorrow, and Vodafone launching the iPhone in early 2010, O2 has said that it will allow their iPhone customers to unlock their iPhones. To be honest, anything else could possibly be against EU law, as it would be wrong to not allow someone that has paid for their iPhone over the course of their O2 contract to be able to use it with other mobile providers. Of course if you are currently under contract with O2 and still want to unlock your iPhone, you will of course have to honour the remainder of your contract period.

The good news about the O2 unlock is if you are taking your iPhone abroad on holiday you can now get a local PAYG sim card with cheaper data packages, avoiding potential expensive roaming charges when abroad.


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  1. Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic

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