Video conferencing next for iPhone? Answer might lie in Apple patent

iPhone patent image from ZDNetWith the rumours around the next generation iPhone continuing to flourish online, the latest comes on the back of an Apple patent and bringin fresh life to a feature that many were hoping would be included in the iPhone 3G back in July 2008 – Video conferencing functionality.

Following last weeks news that references to iPhone 2.1 were found in the latest firmware upgrade to the iPhone, fueling rumours of new iPhone hardware was being tested by Apple online, this Apple patent with clear references to video conferencing functionality might be a sign that we are getting closer and closer to an iPhone upgrade.

According to the article on ZDNet, Information Weeks Alexander Wolfe had been digging around Apple’s iPhone patent number 7,479,949 finding several references indicating that Apple is looking to add video conferencing functionality to its popular iPhone in the next upgrade. There is both references to video conferencing and to an optical sensor sitting at the front of the device.

I’m sure these rumours come as no surprise to any of us as video functionality is one of the biggest drawbacks of the current iPhone 3G, and the addition of video conferencing functionality to the next generation iPhone would surely open up additional markets for Apple.

Now all we need is some solid and reliable rumours or news as to when we can expect the next generation iPhone.


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