iPhone OS 3.0.1 fixes potential SMS security flaw

Apple has announced the release of the security patch to its latest iPhone OS 3.0 following several reports and test showing how hackers could potentially take advantage of an SMS security flaw that would leave your iPhone in the control of the hacker.


The security flaw has been known for some time now, and Apple has now been able to create a security patch, referred to as iPhone OS 3.0.1. However it has taken Apple more than a month since they were first warned of this problem before they acted on it. It is believed that it was the latest demonstration of the hack at a big conference, Black Hat, that now forced Apple’s hand into upping the pace of the security patch release.


You can find information from Apple about the security patch here.


Find more information on the iPhone OS 3.0 features here, as well as some lesser known iPhone OS 3.0 upgrades.


To update your iPhone with the latest iPhone OS 3.0.1 security patch go to iTunes, connect your iPhone, and click “check for updates”.



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