iPhone OS 3.1 – coming soon to your iPhone

Following the news that the iPhone can be hacked through text messaging, utilizing a security hole in the new iPhone OS 3.0, the developers at Apple has been working hard to deliver an upgrade that will fix the security issue, as well as deliver some improved functionality. This iPhone OS 3.1 is now available for developers in beta, but should soon also be released for the general iPhone public.

According to people who have had a chance to play around with the beta iPhone OS 3.1 can confirm that it includes amongst other improved video editing functionality, and voice control over bluetooth. It is of course also expected to fix the issue with the critical security hole in the current iPhone OS 3.0, and hopefully it might also fix the issue with Wifi that i have experienced on my iPod Touch after upgrading.

Here are a bit more of the functionality that comes with the iPhone OS 3.1:

  • The improved video editing will allow you to save the new edited clip either as a new file or overwrite the current file.
  • iPhone will vibrate when moving applications around the screen
  • The boot time is reported to be faster, along with faster start and closure of applications as well
  • Voice controll over bluetooth
  • new and improved API’s that will allow more access for third party applications to access and edit videos

Although it is not a massive update, there is hope that it will clean up some of the bugs that are currently found with the iPhone OS 3.0. Personally i’m hoping that it will fix the issue i’m currently having with my new 32gb iPhone 3GS and its temporary screen freezes, that i still have not found a solution for.


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