iPhone Girl – a well planned PR stunt or real story?

The story about the chinese iPhone assembly worker who left pictures of herself on an iPhone that was sold here in the UK has been one of the most written about topics on the web in the last week or so. But is the so called ‘iPhone girl’ a real story or is it just another successful PR stunt?

Image of the iPhone girl from Stuff.co.nzPerhaps we are being a bit suspicious in thinking that the iPhone Girl could be just another PR stunt to give the iPhone a new story that will keep people talking about, instead of perhaps talking about issues that the new 3g iPhone is still suffering from. The Chinese company that assembles the iPhone for Apple has before been in the news for all the wrong reasons, such as paying very low salaries and having their workers live in doorms on site with hundred workers sleeping in each room with only a bucket to wash their clothes with. Now they have a smiling worker flashing a peace sign in a photo, calling the iPhone Girl a ‘beautiful mistake’ and apparently giving the iPhone girl a day off work as the stress from all the media attention has had an impact on her and that she wishes to remain anonymous.

Perhaps the iPhone Girl was just a ‘beautiful mistake’ from a worker that was having a bit of fun while assembling an iPhone at what is most likely a very low pay, or perhaps it is just another successful PR exercise. Let us know your thoughts.

Read more about the new 3g iPhone here.


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