iPhone DST bug caused people to oversleep – did it happen to you?

How many of you have had to use this excuse for coming in late to work this morning; “a DST bug in my iPhone made me oversleep”? Based on the amount of tweets this morning i would say quite a few.

Several European countries, including the UK, adjusted their clocks to Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the early hours of Sunday, getting an extra hour of sleep. The only problem is that if you have a recurring alarm on your iPhone waking you up in the morning you would have been woken up an hour late today.

The iPhone clock adjusted itself correctly when it was time, but the iPhone DST bug caused the alarm to still work off the previous time, meaning an alarm set at 6:30am for example would not go off until the clock on your iPhone actually showed 7:30am.

According to ZDNet Australia, who experienced this same bug a few weeks ago, Apple is aware of it and had promised a bug fix that obviously did not make it out before Europe adjusted the clocks this weekend. Now lets see if they fix it before North America makes the adjustment on the 7th November.

We are interested in hearing stories from people who experienced this iPhone DST bug this morning and the problems it caused, so feel free to share your story below.


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One Response to "iPhone DST bug caused people to oversleep – did it happen to you?"

  1. Gwen Bandron says:

    hahaha I am so happy I just bought a Blackberry. I used to have an iphone and if I should have been too late at work today i would have been fired. Thank god I just bought myself an Blackberry for Christmas. Now I don’t have to worry about an iphone alarm clock not working.

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