iPhone delivers Apple’s most profitable quarter ever

Apple released their Q4 results yesterday where they could happily announce that the quarter was their most profitable in history, delivering net quarterly profit of $1.67 billion, much thanks to brilliant sales of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS drove sales for the quarter of 7.4 million units, bringing the total for the year to around 21 million iPhones sold. It was clear that Steve Jobs and the people at Apple are very happy with the performance for their strong lineup of products in the iPhone, the iPod, and the MacBook. They also went so far to say that there were additional great products in the pipeline for 2010 (did anyone say Apple Tablet??).

It wasn’t only the iPhone that showed strong performance for the quarter though, as the Macs delivered strong performance with 3.05 million units sold worldwide, and the iPod also delivered strong performance with sales of 10.2 million, although that is down about 8% year on year.

Considering that the Christmas season is just around the corner we expect to see even stronger performance from Apple in the next quarter. The iPod and Macs are always a hot item on the Christmas wishlists around the world, and with more carriers starting to sell the iPhone, such as Vodafone and Orange in the UK, one can expect strong sales for the iPhone over the festive season as well.

Perhaps it is time to invest in some Apple shares!


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