iPhone can be hacked through text message

According to Apple expert and co-author of The Mac Hacker’s Handbook, Charlie Miller, the iPhone can be hacked through one of the most commonly used services on the smartphone, text messaging. This was revealed at the Syscan conference in Singapore, although it was not revealed how exactly it could be done.

Apparently the security hole in the iPhone OS 3.0 are open for attacks through text messaging that would allow someone to install codes on your iPhone that can be used to find your location, listen to phone calls, or to get the iPhone to execute ddos or botnet attacks.

Before this was announced there were already rumors in the market that only weeks after launching the new iPhone OS 3.0 Apple developers were in full swing producing an upgrade, referred to as 3.1. It is now believed that one of the reason for this is to fix this security hole through text messaging.

The good news however is that Miller views the stripped down version of the Max OS X running on the iPhone as more secure than the original one found on a Macbook for example.


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One Response to "iPhone can be hacked through text message"

  1. johnny fishnchips says:

    I can think of one way that this is possible. Using a Jailbroken iPhone and having third party mobile hacking software on it. Using that software, you can attach a coded virus onto a txt msg. Compare it to fishing. The hacker is the one holding the fishingpole waiting. The person recieving that hacked txt is the bait on the hook.

    They are connected.

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