Claim refunds for delayed Tube Journeys – iPhone App to the rescue!

Every Londoner knows that commuting in the city with the tube can often be a challenge, both in terms of overcrowded trains and delays. Now there is some help available when it comes to delays at least, as there is a new iPhone App that will allow you to easily claim back money when the tube is delayed.

Tube Refund iPhone appCommuting costs in London are not cheap, so if you can get some money back by claiming for delays that is a good thing, but it becomes a hazzle if the process is to complicated and the benefit is minimal. Cost of time and all of that. Which is why the latest refund app for the iPhone comes in very handy for all the iPhone tube commuters out there.

Tube Refund makes the process of claiming back for your tube delays easier and faster than having to fill out a web form for every delay, as it allows you to easily input a few details into the app, and accumulate the delays into one larger refund claim if you want to.

The Tube Refund app currently allows for refund claims for Oyster and Travelcard journeys on the  London Underground, on journeys that are delayed by more than 15 minutes, and is available from the iTunes App Store for 59p.


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