A week in the iPhone App World… and a rogue app store

After a few days of rest and recreation i’m back among the iPhone and iPod Touch apps having a look at what has happened in the world of mobile applications, and as always the world has not stood still waiting for me as there are a few news to report on for the week.

One of the big stories in the last week has been the announcement of the opening of a new application store that will sell iPhone and iPod Touch apps outside of the control of Apple, but will require a jailbroken device to be able to download and install the applications available. The new rogue app store, Cydia store, will feature a lot  of applications that are currently not availble on the iTunes app store, such as the inventors own application, Cycorder, a camcorder app for the iPhone that was found not suitable by the iTunes App Store police.

There are also talk about a few other app stores popping up serving the unlocked iPhone and iPod Touch market, and as expected, Apple is not happy about this and has raised their case against software that unlocks the iPhone. Personally i think Apple’s fight against this will be a difficult one, just like for the music and movie industry trying to fight filesharing networks. The laws governing consumer behaviour at the moment seems to be freedom in terms of not being tied down to one supplier or to be controlled and told what they can do with their gadgets by revenue hungry companies. Although i have no problem understanding that Apple need to protect their interest and their shareholders interest, they still have to be careful as competition might become a lot tougher in the coming months and years from more open source solutions.

Over the coming days i will be back with more information about what is happening in the iPhone App world, including reviews of Yelp the restaurant review application, and news about the iPhone’s first proper turn by turn navigation app.


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