iPhone 6 reported to be a smaller iPad

Now that we have gotten past January it’s time to pick up the iPhone rumour slack, and what better way to start than with new iPhone 6 rumours. This time it’s Sonny Dickson that has posted images of what is claimed to be the back panel of the iPhone 6, showing a more rounded form factor in line with what we are currently seeing from amongst other the iPad Mini Retina.

iPhone 6 image leak Sonny Dickson

There are a lot of traits from the pictured back panel reminiscent of the current iPhone line up, but the difference is the rounded edges and the size. Speculations about a close to 5-inch iPhone has been going since the day after the iPhone 5S was announced, so could it be that Apple is looking to bring out a larger version of the iPhone to compete with the phablet popularity?

Rumours further suggest that Apple will discontinue the cheaper iPhone 5C and instead work on making production of the iPhone 5S more cost effective, which will then sit alongside a rumoured 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet.

If we are to put any weight on these rumours, it looks like Apple are adapting to a global marketplace where screen size choice seems to gather up momentum as we start to consume more and more media through our portable devices.

[source: SD via Mashable]

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