iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen ready for production according to Foxconn worker

There is nothing new about iPhone 5 rumours about 4-inch display being right around the corner, but with the source being inside Foxconn there could be reason to give this latest rumour a bit more attention.

It is 9to5mac that is reporting on this latest iPhone 5 rumour with their source being a Foxconn employee, that of course remains anonymous.

According to the source the iPhone 5 is gearing up for production, fuelling speculation around Apple possibly going back to a summer release for the next iPhone, something that might seem a bit odd following the massive success of the late release of the iPhone 4S, resulting in a record quarter for Apple.

What makes this latest rumour interesting is that it does not go into too much detail about the actual specifications of the device. Instead the source says there are several sample versions floating around, all with 4-inch displays and slightly different shapes. It also seems like the design will be different compared to current iPhone versions, but no teardrop design, which has been prevalent with many early mock-ups, perhaps inspired by the MacBook Air design.

The source is further said to be the same that said there would not be any iPhone 5 last year, which turned out to be correct. It is however worth taking any unconfirmed rumour with a pinch of salt, especially when it comes to Apple, masters of smoke and screen tactics when it comes to managing the public information about upcoming products.


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