iPhone 5 tv ads in production but not set to “wrap” until early October

Rumors has it that Apple has started shooting the tv ads for the coming iPhone 5 in the Los Angeles area with their regular ad agency TBWAChiatDay, but that the production schedule is not set to wrap until until early October.

iPhone 4 ad for facetime

It is Appleinsider that is reporting this story today, referring to sources familiar with the matter (there seems to be a lot of those these days) and the production schedule of the tv ad shoot. It is further believed that this will be the most high-profile iPhone launch to date, so it will be interesting to see what the theme will be for the ads. If we are to believe rumored iPhone 5 features it will likely play on similar theme as the iPad 2 (thinner, lighter, faster), and there will surely be plenty of elements from both iOS 5 and iCloud as well.

The timing of the ad production wrap is in line with earlier rumors that 7th October is likely iPhone 5 launch date, with announcement of the new iPhone taking place towards the end of September at a special event. It is not unusual for Apple to start filming their tv ads a good month ahead of the release of their new handset.

Whilst the iPhone 5 is likely to take center stage this fall, recent news are indicating that Apple has also started production of the lower cost iPhone 4 8GB, which might be their secret weapon to target the more cost conscious developing markets where Android handsets have seen success over the recent year.

Here are a couple of earlier iPhone tv ads to get you by until the iPhone 5 tv spots arrive.


[source: Appleinsider]


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