iPhone 5 on slim-fast with iPhone 6 getting alternative charging

Welcome the the tech worlds answer to the Biggest Loser as rumors are that Apple is giving the iPhone 5 the same treatment as the iPad 2, making it thinner and lighter, while 2012 will be all about wireless charging in a post-cable world.

It is no secret that Apple will be bringing out an iPhone 5, although when and what it will be like is all up for speculations, which as you can see from our iPhone 5 rumor central there are plenty of. But if we are to look back at what Apple did with the latest upgrade from iPad to iPad 2, then the iPhone 5 might be all about speed and trimming excess fat, making the device leaner and lighter.

Yanko Design iPhone 5 concept (via CultofMac)

The latest rumors courtesy of sources around Apple that WSJ have been in touch with is that the iPhone 5 will be all about technical advancements and size to keep up with Android competitors, including the recent success of the Samsung Galaxy S2, with the knowledge that there will be more to come from hungry Android manufacturers. To ensure that they keep growing outside of their fan circle Apple needs to make sure that the iPhone 5 is at least as good if not better than other phones in the market, even if the iOS operating system might be preferred over Android by many users.

It would be natural for the iPhone 5 to receive the dual core A5 processor found in the iPad 2 as well as the rumored new 8-megapixel camera. There are bigger question marks around possible screen improvements this year (in terms of a slightly larger screen), something that perhaps will be more likely to come in 2012 for the iPhone 6.

We do like the idea of a thinner and lighter iPhone 5, although i  have to say that i personally don’t have any issues with the size or weight of the current iPhone 4 either. We should however never stand in the way of progress, and Apple will likely continue to push the boundaries of what is possible to fit into the iPhone shell.

Would you be getting the iPhone 5 if the changes are a slimmer and lighter body + A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera?

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But iPhone advancements don’t stop with the iPhone 5 and 2011, as the same sources also suggest that the iPhone 6 to be out in 2012 will push their wireless strategy that started with AirPlay and AirPrint and continued with the announcement of wireless syncing on the iCloud, to include wireless charging as well.

Sources says that Apple is working on alternative ways to charge the iPhone for the future, which is likely to not include the traditional cable charging we know of today, as Apple is looking to free the iOS devices from the constraints of cables and other equipment tying it down. There is after all big money in the accessories market for Apple products. Take for example Apple AirPlay which costs manufacturers a lot more to include in their devices than the 30-pin connector, and brings in a higher margin for Apple in license fees etc. Moving millions of users over to new models without cables could potentially mean a lot of upgrades to accessories as well, which i’m sure will sound very good to the Apple bottom line and investors.

As consumers we better start preparing our budgets for more changes to come to our technical portfolio of products in the coming year.

[source: WSJ]


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