Bloomberg says iPhone 5 to come in September – which rumor to believe??

Fresh of yesterdays rumors about a redesigned iPhone 5 coming in August, Bloomberg is today reporting that the iPhone 5 will be released in September this year and will be an upgrade of the current iPhone 4 to feature the same A5 processor as in the iPad 2 as well as an 8-megapixel camera. So, who do we believe in?

Verizon iPhone 4Bloomberg cites two sources that are “familiar with Apple’s plans” that apparently has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will arrive in September, but will not be a revamped design, but rather what i would refer to as a ‘feature enhancement’, perhaps more in line with what we expected from an iPhone 4S.

In addition to the A5 dual-core processor and the 8-megapixel camera, there will be little new on this iPhone, so it does not really sound like a next generation, but more like a minor upgrade. Information is however limited so it might be that there is more behind the scenes, such as earlier rumored larger screen by better utilizing front real estate on the iPhone 4. It will however come with the new iOS 5 installed, which we already know will be out this fall.

Bloomberg is also trying to revive the iPhone Nano rumors, saying that Apple is still working on creating a cheaper version of the iPhone aimed at customers in developing countries.

What do you all think? Has Bloomberg got credible sources and do we think they are correct? In terms of what i would expect from Apple this year, i believe this news more than a fully revamped design, but time and Apple will tell!

[source: Bloomberg via CultofMac]


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