Hot off the iPhone 5 rumor mill: two models and production delays

Following another week of iPhone 5 rumblings and watercooler talk there are both potential good news and bad news to bring you as we move another week closer to the launch of the new device(s). Yes, we are still looking at two devices.

Apple iPhone 5 design mock up

The New York Times recently weighed in on the iPhone 5 rumors with their own internal Apple sources that of course have to remain un-named as they have obviously spoken out of terms (or Apple has officially leaked information and asked that it be masked). A lot of the information is nothing new to the rumor mill, but given the source it is worth taking note of.

The first point of interest (the positive news) is that the rumored iPhone 4s is already rolling off the production line in large numbers as Apple expects it to be a hot selling item with an aggressive price point available in both prepaid and post paid plans. Not much else is revealed about the low-end iPhone, but it is expected that the design will largely be the same as for the iPhone 4, but that it perhaps will come only in an iPhone 4s 8gb version.

Now for the potential bad news, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be looking at some production problems with the new design. Rumored to be impossibly light and with a larger screen, the more curved teardrop design is said to cause some production problems on at least one production line, fueling rumors that there might be further delays for the iPhone 5, or at least limited stock until early 2012.

I stress that these are unconfirmed rumors at the moment, but hopefully it won’t be too long until we know the full story.

[source: 9to5mac]


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