Is this the iPhone 5 and will it be out in August? Those are the rumors

With all the immediate hoopla over iOS 5 and iCloud settling while we wait for it to actually become a reality later this year (meaning we all get to use it), focused is once again shifted back to the actual gadgets, and specifically the iPhone 5.

According to a recent BoyGeniusReport we should not be fooled into thinking that the iPhone 5 will be just a simple upgrade of the internal elements of the iPhone, and specifically an upgrade to A5 chip. Their sources seem to pretty much confirm that some developers have been given access to an upgraded iPhone 4, better known as iPhone 4S, but also that the iPhone 5 will be more than that, and it might come out as early as August this year.

Their sources have told them that we should expect a radical new case design, perhaps something along the lines of the tear-drop design that Thisismynext reported on earlier.

iPhone 5 mockup (thisismynext.com)

My main issue with this suggested iPhone 5 design would be the difficulty with the sync/charging cable, unless Apple is coming up with an alternative way to charge the device. As we all know by now Apple is planning to free us from cables anyway, so it could well be that this will be the first hardware not to sport the traditional pin-connector. If that is the case they will also be sending a lot of accessory providers on a spin as the device would be incompatible with most speaker docks in the market today. Again, that might be part of their wireless strategy as well, knowing that there has been talks about reducing number of speaker docks in the Apple Stores and perhaps giving more prominence to AirPlay speakers and sound systems.

The same sources also say that the new iPhone 5 might be out as early as end of August, with some speculating on a separate event sometime in August to announce the iPhone 5. Question then is what will happen with the iPod line up and an upgrade of those. Surely they would end up taking a backseat.

Keep checking back for the latest on the iPhone 5, and in the meantime feel free to share your thoughts on these latest rumors by leaving a comment below.


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