iPhone 5 makes brief Vodafone appearance as assemblers are hard at work

Recently the iPhone 5 made a brief appearance 0n the Vodafone UK website, showing listings of a 16gb and 32gb version of the next iPhone in both black and white alongside the current iPhone 4 models, whilst analyst says there are no signs of a redesigned iPhone in working assembly line. Welcome to another week of the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

Possible iPhone 5 leak at Vodafone UK

Some observant people over at Appleinsider picked up on Vodafone UK listing the iPhone 5 in both black and white 16GB and 32GB versions as part of a promotion for the Vodafone Sure Signal (a signal booster) product earlier, another indication that the iPhone 5 should not be far away. As always when leaks like these happen, questions are asked if it was another deliberate leak to a) gain some buzz/backlinks for Vodafone, or b) an exercise by Apple to keep the rumor mill on their toes. Option A sounds more feasible, although we are likely talking about a mistake from someone that posted information prematurely. It is interesting though that there is no mention of a 64GB iPhone 5 model, possibly a sign that there won’t be one, and that there is no mention of the rumored 8GB iPhone 4S. I’m not sure if there is much insight to gain from this ‘leak’ to be honest.

As for the features of the iPhone 5, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his insight with Appleinsider, and for those that are expecting a redesigned iPhone 5, some hope might get crushed. His expectation is that the iPhone 5 will feature the same two-sided glass design of the current iPhone 4, A5 dual core chip, 512MB RAM, and an 8-megapixel camera. It is further believed that the antenna issue will be resolved in the coming model, but that there will be little to no visible difference compared with current model. Based on these reports though it looks like Apple is quite bullish for the coming holiday season, with iPhone 5 production figures expected at 30 million units before the end of 2011.

So what about the iPhone 5 protective cases that have been floating around for the last month or so? It could always be that they are based on information Apple has leaked into the market to trick rogue accessories developers, or as i wrote about earlier, that they are meant for a different product, possibly a larger screen iPod Touch 5 or iPad Nano.

Macrumors is also reporting that the same analyst believes the golden master version of iOS 5 will be sent out to assemblers during the period between 23rd and 30th of September, which again suggests that a release date for the iPhone 5 is likely for mid-October.


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