iPhone 5 could have liquid metal body and In-Cell Touch panel [rumor]

It is hard not to think back to the Terminator movies when you hear the term ‘liquid metal’ being used, so could the next version of the iPhone from Apple be the ‘Terminator’ of the smartphone world? It could if we are to believe the latest rumors.

Rumors of Apple using liquidmetal body in next iPhone (image: Macrumors)

Image source: Macrumors.com

Now, although there might be talk about a liquidmetal body for the iPhone 5, don’t expect it to behave like the T1000 terminator model, shapeshifting and stuff like that. In this case liquidmetal refers to the material that was discovered by the California Institute of Technology back in 1992 and that Apple purchased the exclusive rights to use in its products back in 2010. Liquidmetal is a combination of titanium, nickel, copper, zirconium, and a few other metals which combined results in a very tough, lightweight, smooth, and scratch-free material. Sounds like an ideal material for use on the iPhone right?

Using a liquidmetal body for the next iPhone could mean that Apple would be able to make it even thinner, lighter, and more resistant to scratches and other damages. What gives this rumor some further support is that there is also talk about Apple using In-Cell Touch panels for their next iPhone.

It is one of the more prominent sources of ‘Apple leaks’ that is behind this latest rumor; Digitimes. Moving away from the currently used glass-on-glass touch solutions to In-Cell Touch panels from Sharp and TMD could mean that Apple would be able to make the iPhone even thinner and improve yield rates.

Now the question remains, would Apple move away from current methods and introduce not one but two new technologies into the production of their next iPhone? At the moment it looks like we will get the answer to that question sometime in Q3/October this year when the rumors have the iPhone 5 being released.

In the words of the original Terminator; “I’ll be back!”

[sources: Appleinsider & iMore]


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