Summer moved on for iPhone 5 – rumors of launch pushed into FY 2012

June has traditionally been the start of summer and the time for Apple to release their latest iPhone innovation into the crowds of cheering fans, but recent rumors are casting a dark shadow over this summer highlight.

It is Appleinsider that is referencing an Avian Securities note to investors revealing that Apple might not start production of the iPhone 5 until September at the earliest, delaying a likely launch until at least the start of the 2012 fiscal year (Oct 2011).

This latest news is also supported by rumors from macotakara.jp that Apple has not yet started ordering components for the next generation iPhone 5, perhaps an indication that they are still testing out new things, such as for example using lighter materials for the device.

We can speculate for hours into why Apple might be delaying the launch of the iPhone 5 away from the normal yearly schedule. Perhaps it is the fact that they not long ago released the CDMA version on Verizon and want to give that some time in the market before releasing a new version. Then again, it could be that we are starting to see a shift away from the yearly release schedule as shelf life for their products are improving.

From a consumer perspective, we are also in tough times as reports indicate that consumer spending is down in the UK, so moving the iPhone 5 release closer to key Christmas trading time could also be a smart move. Personally it works out great for my 18 months iPhone 4 contract!

If it is the case that the launch of the iPhone 5 might take place around September/October, it will be interesting to see what impact that might have on the next generation iPods, including the iPod Touch 5th generation, which is normally upgraded and released around September at Apple’s annual music event.

You can read more about all the different rumours around features etc for the iPhone 5 here.


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