iPhone 5 features: what we want vs what we might get

While the what and if of the iPhone 5 is still very much a mystery, i thought i would look at what could be on the cards compared to recent information from a US study about what we want from the iPhone 5.

A recent infographic (bottom of article) released by PaidViewpoint looked at the current DNA of the US iPhone market, including the likelihood of people upgrading to the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4s and what they actually want the most from the next iPhone, and it is not what many of you might think.

Only 4% consider new style/design important

Besides design/style being the number one theme of iPhone 5 rumors and a source of constant speculation, it seems to be one of the areas of the coming iPhone that users worry the least about. The design of the iPhone 4 has been very popular, and got the sales figures to show it, so it could be that many of us are thinking ‘why fix what isn’t broken’. The thing with product design though is that we often don’t know that we want something different until we actually see it.

The same logic could also be applied to the following point.

Faster processor and larger screen – not that bothered

It is pretty much given that the next iPhone will feature the same A5 processor as the iPad 2, so it will be a faster processor, a feature that is likely to be less visible to the normal user. The study shows that only 6% consider faster CPU as a major influence.

The same percentage considers larger screen as important, the feature that along with design has been the major talking point in the rumor mill. Again, this result could be down to being happy with the current screen size and not knowing what a slightly larger screen could be like.

Give us better battery life!

At the top of the most wanted pyramid is a feature that we have wanted ever since the first iPhone arrived on the market; improved battery life. 15 percent of those surveyed ranked improved battery life as a major influence, and i’m sure it is something that all of us would say ‘yes, thank you’ to.

We want more from our carriers

Towards the top of the list are features that are more outside of Apple’s remits of control. It turns out 11% of us consider unlimited data and no long-term contract as very important features. Both of them are closely related to the cost of the device, so could that mean that overall we are more interested in the price of the device coming down rather than it getting some new features, including design, screen, and improved camera (9%)? Sounds like the survey is largely describing the iPhone 4s.

What about assistant voice commands?

One of the big features expected to come to the iPhone soon is a powerful voice command assistant. It is 9to5mac that is reporting about the new software Assistant that takes advantage of the Siri technology that Apple acquired last year.

It is believed that Assistant will allow you to use voice commands for all kinds of operations and entries into calendars, lists etc. It will allow you to use voice commands for many operations that today require you to open apps and tab in text entries manually or make tap commands. It will also provide reminders to you, such as reminding you to get milk when you are at the supermarket. Think of it as having a little pocket sized personal assistant. Now if only it could arrange your dry cleaning for you as well.

Do you agree with the survey?

Does the 1,000 or so respondents used in the survey represents your view on the coming iPhone? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

iPhone 5 infographic from PaidViewpoint

[source: Razorianfly]


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  1. Matt says:

    No mention at all of more on-board storage by bumping the iPhone up to 64GB? Are people really not interested in this at all, or was the question just not asked? This is a major (if not deal breaking) selling point for me.

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