Would you want this to be the iPhone 5 design?

With all the rumors about Apple delivering both the iPhone 5 and a cheaper iPhone 4S version in September this year we are all speculating as to what the 5th generation iPhone might look like design wise.

A question that has been on every Apple fans mind is the design of the iPhone 5 and how much, if at all, Apple might stray from the current iPhone 4 design. Although many ‘experts’ claim that the iPhone 5 will be more about internal specification changes than external design changes, we can’t help but wonder if Apple has some clever new design up their sleeve that once again will make us run to the shops to get our hands on it.

Perhaps this iPhone 5 concept design from Antoine Brieux at NAK Studio (via Gizmodo) could give us an idea of a potential iPhone 5 design.

NAK Studio iphone 5 concept design (via Gizmodo)

What do you guys think? Would you want the iPhone 5 to have the above design, or do you prefer a design closer to the current iPhone 4, perhaps something along the lines of this from Yanko Design (via CultofMac)?

Yanko Design iPhone 5 concept (via CultofMac)

Please take our poll below or leave a comment with your ideas/feedback on the concepts above.

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Personally i think both designs look interesting, although the NAK Studio one looks stylish i get more of a Sony Ericsson vibe from it than an Apple vibe. The Yanko Design however feels more Apple, although perhaps a bit on the safe side, and i would actually say that i prefer the current iPhone 4 design over it.

Has anyone seen any interesting concepts for the next iPod Touch 5?


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