Carrier testing and October release date – The Daily iPhone 5 dime

Somewhere in the depths of mobile network offices, behind signs that says “top secret” a few people might have been given a special parcel containing the iPhone 5, ready to be tested for network compatibility. Or so the rumors says at least.

iPhone 5 mock up (source: CultofMac)

There is never a day without rumors when it comes to Apple and the iPhone, and the last 24 hours have been no different with The Guardian reporting that the iPhone 5 is being delivered to carriers for network testing, referring to their own carrier sources saying that boxes of the iPhone 5 have been transported to them. Carrier testing is an important step to the pre-launch of any new handset.

When a carrier receives a new handset for testing, and perhaps especially one like the iPhone 5, they arrive in locked and sealed boxes, and even the few that might get to open the box will still only see the device encased in a dummy body. All is done to protect the secrecy of the iPhone prior to launch, such an integral part in the whole marketing machine behind any Apple product.

So while BGR reports that confirmed information from sources at Canadian carrier Telus indicates the iPhone 5 landing on October 1st in Canada, Charles Arthur over at The Guardian still believes there are strong arguments for the next iPhone to land earlier, as previously rumored in September, due to Apple wanting to get the handset out there as early as possible leading up to the important Christmas period. While the iPhone 3GS was launched simultaneously in the US and Canada, not all iPhone models have been, so it could be that both are right.

With all the rumors around the ‘coming of the iPhone 5′ Apple are likely to try and push the handset into the market as early as possible, as it could be impacting on sales of the current iPhone 4 as more and more people get wind of a new version being right around the corner.

If it is true that carrier network testing is underway, we could be looking at a few weeks before the device gets the sign off for full production, in which case a mid september release seems possible, but for now these are all rumors and speculations.

[image: Cultofmac]


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