iPhone 5/4S pre-orders to start September 30th [rumor]

Several independent sources are now talking about 7th October being the official release date for the next generation iPhone, with pre-ordering likely available from 30th September.

Next iPhone pre-order rumored for 30th September 2011


For now little is known about the next generation iPhone, if it is an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S, but it now seems that we are getting closer and closer to an official release date as independent sources talking to TiPb and 9to5mac are both talking about the 7th October being the release date, but that the new iPhone will go on pre-sale towards the end of September.

With a rumored Apple event taking place on 7th September, which to start with was believed to not include the next iPhone, it could well be that the iPhone will play a leading role after all, alongside the official release of iCloud and iOS 5. It looks like the iPod range, which traditionally has taken center stage at the fall event, will have to take a backseat, but hopefully we will see an updated iPod Touch 5 at least.

The sources seem to stress that Apple is known for changing the dates leading up to speculative release dates, so as always, take the 7th October with a pinch of salt, as it could as well be sooner or later dates.


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